Who Follows Imam Shafi?

Who are the 4 Imams in Islam?

THE GREAT EDIFICE of Islamic Law is held up by four towering figures of the early middle ages: Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafi i, and Ibn Hanbal.

Because of their immense dedication and intellectual acuity, these men enjoy recognition to this day as Islam s most influential scholars..

Where is Imam Malik buried?

Al-Baqi’, Medina, Saudi ArabiaMalik ibn Anas/Place of burial

Who was Imam Malik’s teacher?

Ibn HurmazHe was a non Arab, a freed slave and also blind, yet held an extremely high statutes in Medina because of his knowledge. Imam Malik studied with his teacher Ibn Hurmaz for seven consecutive years with no break in his time table.

Who killed Imam Shafi?

At least one authority states that al-Shāfi’ī died as a result of injuries sustained from an attack by supporters of a Maliki follower named Fityan.

Where did Imam Shafi died?

Fustat, EgyptAl-Shafiʽi/Place of death

How many imams are there in Sunni?

Twelve ImamsThey are considered righteous Muslims, and the Twelve Imams are particularly respected because of their relationship to Ali and his wife Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad. Sunnis believe that Ali and his two sons, Hassan and Hussain, were highly respected by the first three Caliphs and the companions of Muhammad.

Where is Shafi born?

GazaAl-Shafiʽi/Place of birth

Where was Imam Malik born?

Medina, Saudi ArabiaMalik ibn Anas/Place of birth

Who is the father of Imam Shafi?

1. His Name, Background and Family: Imam’s full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Idris Al-Shafi’ee ibn Al-Abbas ibn Uthman ibn Syafie bin Ubaid ibn Abdu Yazid ibn Hasyim ibn Al-Muttalib [father of Abdul Muttalib grandfather of the Prophet (S.A.W.)] bin Abd Manaf.

Was Imam Shafi Sunni?

Imam ash-Shafi’i was reportedly a teacher of the Sunni Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and a student of Imam Malik ibn Anas, who was a student of Ja’far al-Sadiq (a descendant of the Islamic Nabi (Prophet) Muhammad), like Imam Abu Hanifah. … It became widely accepted in early history of Islam.

Which countries follow Imam Malik?

Referred to as the “Imam of Medina” by his contemporaries, Malik’s views in matters of jurisprudence were highly cherished both in his own life and afterwards, and he became the founder of one of the four schools of Sunni law, the Maliki, which became the normative rite for the Sunni practice of much of North Africa, …

Is Hanafi a Sunni?

The Hanafi school (Arabic: حَنَفِي‎, romanized: Ḥanafī) is one of the four principal Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh). … The other primary Sunni legal schools are the Maliki, Shafi`i and Hanbali schools.

Who is the first imam of Islam?

AliAli was the first of the Twelve Imams, and, in the Twelvers view, the rightful successor to Muhammad, followed by male descendants of Muhammad through his daughter Fatimah. Each Imam was the son of the previous Imam, with the exception of Husayn ibn Ali, who was the brother of Hasan ibn Ali.

Who is known as second Shafi?


Do Sunnis have imams?

Sunni imams The Sunni branch of Islam does not have imams in the same sense as the Shi’a, an important distinction often overlooked by those outside of the Islamic religion.

Which country accepted Islam first?

According to Arab oral tradition, Islam first came to Africa with Muslim refugees fleeing persecution in the Arab peninsula. This was followed by a military invasion, some seven years after the death of the prophet Mohammed in 639, under the command of the Muslim Arab General, Amr ibn al-Asi.

Which Imam does Saudi Arabia follow?

imam Muhammad Abdal-WahabSaudi Arabia is traditionally Hanbali, although the country follows more closely the teachings of imam Muhammad Abdal-Wahab, a Hanbali reformer of the early 1800’s. Even though there are differences in interpretation of the Sharia among these authorities, they are all recognized as valid.

When was Imam Malik born?

711 ADMalik ibn Anas/Date of birth