What Is An Example Of Something That Happens Imperceptibly?

How do you use erratic in a sentence?

Erratic sentence examplesErratic blocks are of frequent occurrence in south Jutland.

His erratic moods had grown more volatile the past couple of days, and she knew better than to draw his attention.

He listened to her erratic breathing, beyond satisfied at the effect he had on her.

“He has been very erratic lately,” she agreed.More items….

How do you use imperceptibly in a sentence?

Imperceptibly sentence examplesBoris smiled almost imperceptibly while listening to his mother. … The universal experience of ages, showing that children do grow imperceptibly from the cradle to manhood, did not exist for the countess. … It passes westwards imperceptibly into the Ardennes.More items…

What is something imperceptible?

If it’s imperceptible, it’s impossible to perceive with any of the senses. Within the word imperceptible you see the word percept, which means “the object of your perception.” Like impossible, the im in imperceptible means it cannot be perceived. …

What is the meaning of imperceptibly?

: not perceptible by a sense or by the mind : extremely slight, gradual, or subtle imperceptible differences.

What does intermittent use mean?

The adjective intermittent modifies things that work or stop and start at periodic intervals. An interesting use of something intermittent is a metronome, a device that marks off time in music by making a sound in a regular pattern.

What is the difference between intermittent and occasional?

As adjectives the difference between intermittent and occasional. is that intermittent is stopping and starting at intervals; coming after a particular time span; not steady or constant while occasional is occurring or appearing irregularly from time to time.

What is the meaning of immaculate?

spotlessly clean1 : spotlessly clean an immaculate kitchen immaculate uniforms. 2 : having or containing no flaw or error an immaculate record of service in immaculate detail. 3 : having no stain or blemish : pure an immaculate heart.

What is a precarious?

precarious • \prih-KAIR-ee-us\ • adjective. 1 : dependent on uncertain premises : dubious 2 a : dependent on chance circumstances, unknown conditions, or uncertain developments b : dangerously lacking in security or steadiness.

What does incredulously mean?

unwilling to admit or accept1 : unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true : not credulous : skeptical. 2 : expressing incredulity an incredulous stare. 3 : incredible sense 1.

What kinds of words can an adverb work with?

An adverb is a word that modifies (describes) a verb (he sings loudly), an adjective (very tall), another adverb (ended too quickly), or even a whole sentence (Fortunately, I had brought an umbrella). Adverbs often end in -ly, but some (such as fast) look exactly the same as their adjective counterparts.

Is Imperceivable a word?

Imperceivable definitions That cannot be perceived; imperceptible.

What does emitting mean?

verb emits, emitting or emitted (tr) to give or send forth; dischargethe pipe emitted a stream of water. to give voice to; uttershe emitted a shrill scream.

What is another word for invisible?

Find another word for invisible. In this page you can discover 63 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for invisible, like: unseen, imperceptible, obscure, intangible, veiled, ideal, transparent, unnoticeable, indiscernible, insensible and unspied.

What is the meaning of egregious?

1 : conspicuous especially : conspicuously bad : flagrant egregious errors egregious padding of the evidence— Christopher Hitchens. 2 archaic : distinguished.

What part of speech is imperceptibly?

adjectiveimperceptiblepart of speech:adjectiverelated words:infinitesimal, low, obscure, vagueWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivations:imperceptibly (adv.), imperceptibility (n.), imperceptibleness (n.)2 more rows

How do you use intermittent in a sentence?

Shortly afterwards he fell ill of an intermittent fever, but seemed to recover. Their intermittent character prompted the supposition. which is intermittent in character and variable as to power and speed required.

What does gallantly mean?

Use the adverb gallantly to describe something done in a heroic or chivalrous manner. You can gallantly slay a dragon or gallantly offer an elderly man your seat on the bus.

What is the meaning of Imperceptibility?

n the property of being imperceptible by the mind or the senses. Antonyms: perceptibility. the property of being perceptible by the mind or the senses. Type of: physical property. any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions.

What does the word prolific mean?

1 : producing young or fruit especially freely : fruitful. 2 archaic : causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction. 3 : marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity a prolific composer.

What is another word for imperceptible?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for imperceptible, like: indistinct, indiscernible, invisible, subliminal, subtle, slight, gradual, faint, undetectable, intangible and hidden.

What is capricious?

: governed or characterized by caprice : impulsive, unpredictable.