What Happened To All The Death Notes?

Does light ever fall in love with Misa?

No, Light Yagami never loved Misa.

The creator of Death Note said in a interview that Light could never love a woman.

When he lost his memories, he never loved her back and was a bit disgusted by her.

He refused to be his boyfriend because he was going to hurt her feelings but was way more polite..

Who has the death notes?

On doing a count there were totally 4 death notes in the human world. Two of them were dropped on human world and belonged to the human world i.e. the one with Light Yagami and other with Misa Amane. The other two were with Shinigami Ryuk and Rem which were not accessible to human.

Did jealous save Misa?

Having fallen in love with Misa, Gelus uses his Death Note to kill Misa’s destined murderer, against Rem’s protests. Gelus dies to save Misa’s life. … Rem delivers his Death Note to Misa because it was she whom he saved, as she feels it is right.

Can a 13 year old watch Death Note?

Death Note is meant for mature people with strong mentality, not for kids. It has a lot of violence and it challenges your sense of Justice at every step, which you know a 13 year old kid doesn’t have. So wait for a few years and let him watch that’s not when is at least 16 or 17.

Is Death Note creepy?

No. Death note may seem weird or scary to someone who does not knows its story. Death note is a thriller anime. … It is basicly the story of a high school student named Light Yagami who got a notebook which allows its user to kill somebody just by writing his name in the notebook.

Is REM in love with Misa?

Film. Rem in the film is much like her anime and manga counterpart. She is devoted to Misa and attempts to protect her at any cost, including giving her own life. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her contempt for Light moments before her death.

Do Death notes exist?

From Kentucky to Russia, ‘Death Note’ has seeped into the real world in many scary incidents. … But in real life, people around the world, most often young kids in school, have “used” their own Death Notes to write the names of fellow classmates and teachers, fantasizing that it will bring them death.

Why does RYUK have 2 death notes?

Ryuk is a Shinigami bored with the activities (or lack thereof) of the Shinigami realm, so he decides to obtain a second Death Note and drop it in the human world for someone to find, hoping to relieve his boredom. He succeeds in tricking the Shinigami King out of a second Death Note.

Did Misa kill herself Death Note?

Although she fails to kill Ryuzaki (whose name was written on a Death Note prior similar to L), she commits suicide by writing her own name, scribbled “Misa Amane dies in Light Yagami’s hands”.

Is L from Death Note a virgin?

In the early planning of Death Note, Near and Mello were actually being considered to be the children of L. … So yeah, L likely lived his whole life as a genius virgin, and Near and Mello were merely his protégés rather than his progeny.

Why does REM kill L in Death Note?

Rem realized that Light had purposely set Misa up to get caught so that the only way to save her would be to kill L, otherwise, Misa would get the death penalty for being Kira. If a Shinigami helps a human by extending their life like this, the Shinigami dies.