What Does We Hear Mean In Cryptic Crosswords?

What does Spooner mean in cryptic crosswords?

If you have ever tackled a cryptic crossword you will have come across the name Spooner or the term spoonerism for a clue where initial letters are swapped e.g.

‘fight the liar’ for ‘light the fire’.

Spooner was an albino and as such, suffered from defective eyesight..

How do you write a cryptic clue?

The majority of clues in a cryptic crossword adhere to these standards:Every cryptic clue includes a straight definition of the answer, just like in a ‘regular’ crossword. … The definition part of the clue will always be at the start or end of the clue, and never sandwiched in the middle.More items…

How do you solve cryptic quotes?

How to Solve CryptogramsLook for Common Letters. The first step is to realize that the most common letters in the English language are E, T, A, O, and N, with I and S a close second. … Solve the Short Words. … Spot the Repeated Letters. … Look for Digraphs. … Go for the Unusual. … Don’t Overlook the Obvious.

What do exclamation marks mean in cryptic crosswords?

An exclamation mark may denote that something needs particular attention. Finally, do pay attention to every word in the clue, since the setter has placed each one there to have some significance, even if you may find some which are there just so that the clue makes sense grammatically.

What does say mean in cryptic crosswords?

Taking this one stage further, the clue word can hint at the word or words to be abbreviated rather than giving the word itself. For example: “About” for C or CA (for “circa”), or RE. “Say” for EG, used to mean “for example”.

How do you answer cryptic crosswords?

Beginner’s guide to solving cryptic crosswordsRead the clue. Then read it backwards. … Think about the rest of the clue. The part of the clue that is not the definition is known as the subsidiary indicator. … Harden your heart against the setter’s siren charms. … Repeat step three. … Look at the number of letters. … Solve the damn thing . . .

What does regularly mean in cryptic crosswords?

Experienced solvers will recognize “regularly” as an indicator to pick odd or even letters from a word/phrase in the clue. Standard “regularly” clues look like the ones below. … The word means “at fixed intervals”, and those intervals can be wider than a single letter.

What does say mean in crosswords?

via “fungi” to MAGIC MUSHROOMS. A word of caution. Putting “…say” at the end of a clue is a deft way of indicating a soundalike without drawing much attention to it, but it can of course also mean, say, “for example”.

What does cryptic mean?

1 : secret, occult. 2a : having or seeming to have a hidden or ambiguous meaning : mysterious cryptic messages cryptic prophecies. b : marked by an often perplexing brevity cryptic marginal notes.