What Does Abstruse Mean In English?

What is the synonym of abstruse?

obscure, arcane, esoteric, little known, recherché, rarefied, recondite, difficult, hard, puzzling, perplexing, enigmatic, inscrutable, cryptic, Delphic, complex, complicated, involved, above one’s head, over one’s head, incomprehensible, unfathomable, impenetrable, mysterious..

What does it mean if a person is obtuse?

Obtuse, which comes to us from the Latin word obtusus, meaning “dull” or “blunt,” can describe an angle that is not acute or a person who is mentally “dull” or slow of mind. … Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox!

What’s the opposite of obtuse?

obtuse(adj) of an angle; between 90 and 180 degrees. Antonyms: compound, smart, acute, discerning.

What does obtuse look like?

Like a reclining car seat, an obtuse angle has a measure of greater than 90 degrees.

What do you call a person who is difficult to understand?

Any person or thing that’s mysterious, mystifying, hard to read, or impossible to interpret is inscrutable. On the other hand, cats are very difficult to read. …

Which is a synonym of probity?

Some common synonyms of probity are honesty, honor, and integrity.

What is opposite of brevity?

brevity. Antonyms: circumlocution, diffuseness, periphrasis, pleonasm, prolixity, redundance, redundancy, surplusage, tautology, tediousness, verbiage, verbosity, wordiness.

What is another word for Verbatim?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for verbatim, like: word-for-word, exactly, literatim, to-the-letter, literally, accurately, literal, orally, precisely, verbal and different.

What does Obtruse mean?

formal. : difficult to comprehend : recondite the abstruse calculations of mathematicians abstruse concepts/ideas/theories. Other Words from abstruse Synonyms & Antonyms Obtuse vs.

How do you use abstruse in a sentence?

Dr. Bell is proficient in many fields of science, and has the art of making every subject he touches interesting, even the most abstruse theories. He had the imagination that invested with personal being and ethical qualities the most abstruse notions.

Can a person be abstruse?

Abstruse is used to describe things that aren’t easily accessible to the lay reader or average person. Specifically, it suggests the use of language or other material that suits the advanced levels of a subject of which the rest of us might have only an elementary understanding.

Is being called obtuse an insult?

annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand: he wondered if the doctor was being deliberately obtuse. … This word is often used as a veiled insult for being stupid, simple minded, or willfully ignorant.

What are abstruse ideas?

abstruse ideas or arguments are hard to understand, and are more complicated than necessary. Synonyms and related words.

What part of speech is abstruse?

abstrusepart of speech:adjectiverelated words:equivocal, heavy, mysticWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivations:abstrusely (adv.), abstruseness (n.)1 more row

What does it mean if something is acute?

adjective. sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow;an acute pain. extremely great or serious; crucial; critical: an acute shortage of oil. (of disease) brief and severe (opposed to chronic). sharp or penetrating in intellect, insight, or perception: an acute observer.

What does acute mean medically?

Acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset. This could describe anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack. A chronic condition, by contrast is a long-developing syndrome, such as osteoporosis or asthma. Note that osteoporosis, a chronic condition, may cause a broken bone, an acute condition.

What’s a fancy word for bed?

Synonyms forbunk.cot.couch.crib.mattress.bassinet.berth.sack.

What is another word for anxious?

SYNONYMS FOR anxious 1 concerned, disturbed, apprehensive, fearful, uneasy.