What Crumbles Easily?

What is a synonym for crumbled?

ˈkrʌmbəl) Fall into decay or ruin.


weather break wear decay erode wear out corrode bust dilapidate gnaw gnaw at rust ruin eat at wear away fall apart deteriorate change droop wilt.


What do the words long I stood mean in the poem The Road Not Taken?

Answer. Answer: He stands there rooted to the spot for a long time staring at two roads diverging from one . Here, poet Robert Frost means that being the only traveller, he could not travel both the roads at the same time. … Therefore, the poet stood there for a long time staring at two roads diverging from one.

What is the sentence of crumbling?

Crumbling sentence examples. There was not a single chamber in the old fabric that was not crumbling and tottering. A cannon ball struck the very end of the earth work by which he was standing, crumbling down the earth; a black ball flashed before his eyes and at the same instant plumped into something.

What makes the thing crumble?

To crumble is to break into small pieces. When more weight is added than that can be sustained, the object will crumble. Solid objects that are old and deteriorating are usually easiest to crumble over time. Crumbling is also used to imply to decay or end gradually, example the crumbling economy.

What does crumpled mean?

to press or crush into irregular folds or into a compact mass; bend out of shape; rumple; wrinkle. to cause to collapse or give way suddenly: That right hook to the midsection crumpled him.

What does crumbling hearts refer to?

Explanation: the poet have given stress on crumbling word to lay the stress of the readers that the wind crumbles every thing that are weak.In front of the strong wind no weaker body can stand it crumbles them and move forward.

What is wind a symbol of?

The wind is air in its active and violent aspects. It represents the spirit, the vital breath of the universe. J.C. Cooper points out that wind represents the power of spirit in sustaining life and holding it together. Hence the symbolic association of wind with cords, ropes and threads.

What does Molder mean?

molder(Verb) To decay to dust, to disintegrate from rot.

What does collapse mean?

verb (used without object), col·lapsed, col·laps·ing. to fall or cave in; crumble suddenly: The roof collapsed and buried the crowd. to be made so that sections or parts can be folded up, as for convenient storage: This bridge table collapses.

What does crumpled paper mean?

Crumple is a verb that means to become wrinkled or creased. Your face might crumple over time as you age, or you might crumple a piece of paper before tossing it in the trash. Crumple comes from the Old English word crump meaning “bent, crooked,” and it can describe something that has buckled or collapsed.

Why does the poet say the wind god winnows?

Ans:-the poet says the wind God winnows because the poet makes fun of the weaklings. … The poet says that the wind god winnows the weak crumbling houses, doors, rafters, wood, bodies, lives and hearts, and then crushes them all.

What is the English meaning of crumbling?

transitive verb. : to break into small pieces. intransitive verb. 1 : to fall into small pieces : disintegrate. 2 : to break down completely : collapse marriages crumble.

What crumbles down?

to crumble down to slump; to collapse; to crumble down; to cave in; to relapse; to subside. slump verb (slumps, slumped, slumping) collapse verb (collapses, collapsed, collapsing) crumble down verb (crumbles down, crumbled down, crumbling down) cave in verb (caves in, caved in, caving in)

What is the opposite of crumble?

What is the opposite of crumble?improveassuagereboundrehabilitateremedyprogressrecuperaterevivemendrecover19 more rows

What is the difference between crumble and crumple?

Crumble is either a crumby sort of topping as a noun. As a verb, it’s all about deterioration through time. Crumple, on the other hand, is about changing shape through folding, bending, creasing, wrinkling, ahem, fainting.

What does tearing mean?

1. Tear, rend, rip mean to pull apart. To tear is to split the fibers of something by pulling apart, usually so as to leave ragged or irregular edges: to tear open a letter. Rend implies force or violence in tearing apart or in pieces: to rend one’s clothes in grief.

How does the poet speak to the wind?

The poet speaks to the wind with anger. Yes, I have heard of the strong winds causing plenty of damage and destruction to both life and property. Storms, cyclones and strong winds wreak havoc on lands. They uproot trees, destroy houses and claim thousands of lives.

What makes an echo in the poet’s heart?

1. Every raindrop that falls on the tin roof produces an echo in the poet’s heart. 2. With every patter sound of raindrops, the poet relives his childhood memories.