Quick Answer: Who Has The Most Lines In Romeo And Juliet?

How many words did Shakespeare contribute to the English language?

1,700 wordsHe contributed 1,700 words to the English language because he was the first author to write them down..

Where did Shakespeare get his inspiration for Hamlet?

DenmarkShakespeare had many influences for Hamlet; the 12th-century history of Denmark, Icelandic sagas, Kyd Thomas’s The Spanish Tragedy, and the death of Shakespeare’s own son Hamnet amongst them.

Which female Shakespeare character has the most lines?

RosalindRosalind, from As You Like It, is the largest female role in all of Shakespeare’s plays, yet only speaks 721 lines.

Who is the most important character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

PuckThough there is little character development in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and no true protagonist, critics generally point to Puck as the most important character in the play.

Who has the least amount of lines in Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar: By the Numbers2451 total lines; shorter than the average (average play: 2768, average tragedy: 2936)Act Two, Scene Three, and Act Five, Scene Two are the shortest of their kind in the Canon (16 and 6 lines respectively)No scenes are the longest of its kind in the Canon.More items…•

Did Romeo and Juliet sleep together?

Romeo and Juliet did sleep together after their secret marriage. This is made clear in act 3, scene 5, when they wake up in bed together at dawn. Juliet urges Romeo to leave before her relatives find him and kill him.

How many lines does Romeo and Juliet have?

4,766 linesThere are 4,766 lines, and yet the final line number is 4765 .

How old is Juliet?

13A 13-year-old girl, Juliet is the only daughter of the patriarch of the House of Capulet.

Who has the most lines in Hamlet?

The top 20 characters in Shakespeare’s works by total number of lines for each play….Biggest Roles.RolePlayRole LinesRichard, Duke of GloucesterRichard 31152HamletHamlet1099IagoOthello881Caius MartiusCoriolanus87016 more rows

How many lines does Richard III have?

301in “Richard III” Total: 301.

How do you quote a line with no lines?

If the lines are not numbered, include the page number instead. When quoting dialogue, include the character names in all capitals followed by a period, and pay attention to indentation.

Who has the most lines in Shakespeare?

HamletHamlet, with 1569 lines, has the most lines of any character in a single play. Henry V, however, speaks the most lines of any character (if we combine his lines in Henry V, and 1 and 2 Henry IV).

Who speaks the most in Romeo and Juliet?

Hence, even though Juliet has more and longer soliloquies, Romeo speaks the most lines overall because he is the play’s tragic hero.

How do you count lines in Shakespeare?

Use the line number from the edition you are using. Typically these are printed in the margin. If you’re using an edition without line numbers, then don’t make them up, just use the act and scene numbers.

WHO SAID Thus with a kiss I die?

William ShakespeareQuote by William Shakespeare: “thus with a kiss I die”