Quick Answer: What Makes A Good Spiritual Director?

What is spiritual listening?

Spiritual listening embodies all of our senses as we offer ourselves to another freely and without expectation, providing the opening for deep communion.

It is an exchange from the deepest level of our humanity, we feel at home with one another, resting in the grace and peace of our relationship..

What is spiritual direction training?

Spiritual direction is a historic practice of the church that involves accompanying others in prayerful reflection and conversation as they attend to God’s presence and calling in their lives and grow in Christian maturity.

What does a spiritual director do?

The director listens and asks questions to assist the directee in his or her process of reflection and spiritual growth. Spiritual direction advocates claim that it develops a deeper awareness with the spiritual aspect of being human, and that it is not psychotherapy, counseling, or financial planning.

How much do spiritual directors make?

A Spiritual Director in your area makes on average $79,007 per year, or $1,828 (2%) more than the national average annual salary of $77,179. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Spiritual Director salaries.

What should I ask a spiritual director?

Spiritual Direction QuestionsWho is the first person who created a memory of God for you?What is your earliest experience of God?Who is your spiritual hero-role model?What is a story from your life that represents the essence of who you are?What is a story that represents your current need?When you think of God, what picture comes to mind?

How do I get the most out of my spiritual direction?

Spiritual Direction SessionListen attentively (to the point that you feel understood)Help to focus the conversation around your relationship with God.Offer insight into what you shared so that you can reflect more deeply on your relationship with God.Direct you back to your relationship with God.More items…•

What are some spiritual questions?

20 Questions For Every Spiritual SeekerWhy is there poverty and suffering in the world?What is the relationship between science and religion?Why are so many people depressed?What are we all so afraid of?When is war justifiable?How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism?How does one obtain true peace?More items…•

How does one become a spiritual director?

Education Required The required education is defined as formal classroom education in the spiritual direction field. … An applicant applying for certification must have a master’s degree from a recognized accredited institution with a focus in biblical, theological studies and a minimum of six courses in spirituality.

What is a spiritual companion?

A spiritual companion is someone who listens to you and is with you as you face the challenges of your illness. This person can help you to identify resources you already have within you that will help you.

Where can I publish my spiritual articles?

Here are 26 publications on religion and spirituality that pay freelance writers.First Things. … The Forward. … America. … Tricycle. … Guideposts. … Relevant Magazine. … U.S. Catholic. … The War Cry.More items…•