Quick Answer: What Is Micro Teaching And Its Steps?

What are the steps of micro teaching?

The steps in a microteaching session are:PLANNING: This involves selection of the skill to be practiced, awareness of components of the skill, selection of a suitable concept, writing of micro lesson with specific objectives.TEACHING: …





What is a micro teaching session?

Micro-teaching is about delivering a short session, usually to your peer group (in person or online). … It’s the opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and understanding either in the subject you will teach, or a topic of your choice.

What is Micro Teaching and its benefits?

Microteaching has several advantages. It focuses on sharpening and developing specific teaching skills and eliminating errors. … It provides expert supervision and a constructive feedback and above all if provides for repeated practice without adverse consequences to the teacher or his students.

How do you prepare a micro teaching lesson plan?

Introduce learners to the topic with a title slide. It’s important to start by telling your learners what the lesson is about. … Begin knowledge transfer with video, text or both. … Micro teach to reinforce content using interactive questions and games. … Applying gamification to a micro lesson plan.

What is the first step of micro teaching cycle?

During the process of micro-teaching, trainee is first asked to prepare a short-lesson plan (usually 20 minute) based on a particular skill and then applies this skill in a planned series (5-10 minutes) of teaching encounters with small group of students (5-10 members) in a mock classroom situation.