Quick Answer: What Does Being Useless Mean?

What do you call useless information?

other words for useless information trivia.




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What is another word for not helpful?

What is another word for not helpful?unhelpfulawkwardcontrarydisobligingobstructiveunaccommodatinguncooperativeunsupportivedifficulttroublesome236 more rows

What is the most useless thing in 2020?

7 Most useless things in 2020Passport. Passport The Most Useless Things In 2020 Corona. … Iron. 2 hi kapde pehne hain 4 mahino mein…My new summer clothes. My new summer clothes for summer we won’t forget you..Sunglasses. Repeat after me: I deserve a new pair of sunglasses after spending 4 months of lockdown period.Tie. … Perfume. … Suitcases.

What are the most useless degrees?

So, without further ado, these are the 10 most useless degrees in the world.Culinary arts. Budding chefs may previously have thought that culinary college is a no-brainer, but recent statistics actually suggest otherwise. … Fashion design. … Art history. … Music. … Biology. … Communications. … Liberal arts. … Studio arts and fine art.More items…•

What is a useless person?

1 having no practical use or advantage. 2 Informal ineffectual, weak, or stupid. he’s useless at history.

Is worthless and useless the same thing?

As adjectives the difference between useless and worthless is that useless is without use or possibility to be used while worthless is not having worth and use, without value, inconsequential.

What is the synonyms of useless?


What is the opposite of useless?

useless(adj) having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully. “a kitchen full of useless gadgets”; “she is useless in an emergency” Antonyms: useful, recyclable, utilizable, reusable, utile, utilitarian, useable, serviceable, usable, reclaimable, multipurpose.

What is the most useful thing in the world?

The Most Useful Things in the WorldFirst Place. Why a towel of course. … Second Place. As humans are by nature, crafty, they have constructed a great marvel in efficiency and design in two things. … Third Place. Never underestimate the value of extension cords. … Fourth Place. Socks, basically mini-towels are very useful.

What is the most useless thing in the world?

10 Most Useless Things The World Has Ever SeenRemote Headband. Source. This was invented when every electronic gadget required a different remote to handle. … Revolving Ice Cream Cone. Source. … The ropeless skipping rope. Source. … Shoe Umbrella. Source. … DVD Rewinder. Source. … I Am Rich app. Source. … Goldfish walker. Source. … Noodle Fan. Source.More items…•

What is a word for a worthless person?

1 a dime a dozen, chickenshit (U.S. slang) futile, ineffectual, insignificant, inutile, meaningless, measly, miserable, nickel-and-dime (U.S. slang) not much cop (Brit.slang) not worth a hill of beans (chiefly U.S.) no use, nugatory, paltry, pointless, poor, poxy (slang) rubbishy, trashy, trifling, trivial, two a penny …

What’s a word for waste of time?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for waste-time, like: procrastinate, dawdle, dillydally, loiter, lollygag, fritter away time, pass-the-time, while away the time, loaf, delay and fiddle-about.

What does inutiles mean?

inutile in American English (ɪnˈjutəl ) adjective. useless; unprofitable.