Question: Which OS Is Most Vulnerable?

Is Linux more vulnerable than Windows?

“Linux is the most secure OS, as its source is open.

Linux, in contrast, greatly restricts “root.” Noyes also noted that the diversity possible within Linux environments is a better hedge against attacks than the typical Windows monoculture: There are simply a lot of different distributions of Linux available..

What is the most hacked operating system?

With a total number of 841 identified vulnerabilities in 2017, Google’s Android OS top the rank of Operating system with the most number of vulnerabilities. Android got this “not so desired rank” second time in a row. Last as well Android top this list with its 523 vulnerabilities.

Which OS is most stable?

Linux OSThe most stable operating system is the Linux OS which is so secure and best in use. I am getting the error code 0x80004005 in my windows 8.

What platforms are the most vulnerable?

The Android operating system became the most vulnerable platform in 2019. Specialists of TheBestVPN portal made this conclusion during the analysis of vulnerability statistics in various operating systems and software products for the end of 2019.