Question: What Does It Mean If Something Is Rank?

What does rank mean in slang?

adjective \ˈraŋk\ Definition: Something deeply unpleasant to see, smell, taste, consider, etc.

Origins: Something of a very low status.

Related to the Swedish word ‘rank’ which means thin and weak..

What is the ranking method?

Ranking method is one of the simplest performance evaluation methods. In this method, employees are ranked from best to worst in a group. The simplicity of this method is overshadowed by the negative impact of assigning a ‘worst’ and a ‘best’ rating to an employee.

What does break the mold mean?

1 : to do something in a completely new way Voters are looking for a candidate who will break the mold and give them honest answers. 2 informal —used to describe a very unusual or admired personHe was the greatest man I ever knew. They broke the mold when they made that guy.

What does it mean to not break ranks?

Fall out of lineFall out of line or into disorder; also, fail to conform, deviate. For example, The recruits were warned that they must not break ranks, or Harry was told to adhere to the party platform and not break ranks.

What does it mean when a soldier broke rank?

if soldiers or police officers break ranks, they stop standing in lines and move away.

What is meant by cut off?

Definition of cut off (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to bring to an untimely end. 2 : to stop the passage of cut off communications. 3 : shut off, bar the river cut off their retreat.

What rank order means?

Noun. 1. rank order – an arrangement according to rank. ordering, order – the act of putting things in a sequential arrangement; “there were mistakes in the ordering of items on the list”

What are the army ranks in order?

CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER 5 (CW5)SECOND LIEUTENANT (2LT) Most officers. … FIRST LIEUTENANT (1LT) Officers. … CAPTAIN (CPT) The captain commands and controls company-sized units (62 to 190 Soldiers). … MAJOR (MAJ) … LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LTC) … COLONEL (COL) … BRIGADIER GENERAL (BG) … MAJOR GENERAL (MG)More items…•

What is another word for ranking?

Ranking Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for ranking?levelplacepositionrankstandingstatusdegreeechelonfootingreaches226 more rows

How is merit list prepared?

Merit list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the Entrance Examination (and not on the marks obtained in qualifying examination) by adding sports weightage, if any, in the manner given under ((A)(xii) above.

Does rank mean disgusting?

highly offensive; disgusting: a rank sight of carnage.

What is the meaning of rank list?

Graduate education A list created at a residency program by its selection committee that places 1st-yr candidates in order of qualifications and desirability. See the Match.

What does break rank mean?

phrase. If you say that a member of a group or organization breaks ranks, you mean that they disobey the instructions of their group or organization.

What does RNK mean?

RNKAcronymDefinitionRNKRhein-Neckar-Kreis (German county)RNKRat Natural Killer (cancer cell type)RNKRepublic of Nagorno-Karabakh (Nagorno-Karabakhskay Respublica, Former USSR)RNKRosenberg, Neuwirth & Kuchner (public accounting firm; New York, NY)1 more row

What is meant by ranging?

Ranging-the process of establishing intermediate point on a straight line between two end points is known as ranging.