Question: Is Well Known Hyphenated?

Should best known be hyphenated?

The hyphen in “best-known” should not be there.

When they are used attributively, there is a hyphen (“Dan Wagner, the well-known tech entrepreneur”); when predicatively, there is not: “Mr Wagner is best known for being…” (OK, you can come out now; no more heavyweight grammar this week.).

Is Game Day hyphenated?

It’s game day, as two words! Use “gameday” as one word only if it’s part of a title or other name.

Does in person have a hyphen?

When “in person” qualifies a noun like a compound adjective, it is hyphenated. … “In person” and “in-person” are both correct, as long as the first phrase is used as an adverb and the second phrase is used as an adjective.

What is the difference between well known and popular?

Famous means well known. Popular means well-liked. Something or someone that is well known, but not popular could be infamous, which isn’t a lack of being known, but being known for a bad reputation.

Is Knownness a word?

Noun. The condition of being known.

Is well known one word or two?

Use a hyphen to join two or more words serving as a single adjective before a noun, but not when those two words come after a noun. The well-known author or the author is well known. Hyphenate compound numbers.

What is a word for known for?

What is another word for known for?acknowledged forcelebrated forfamous fornotorious forrenowned for

What does Unfamous mean?

not widely known or renowned: not widely known or renowned : not famous an unfamous actor She wished she was a famous writer already, and didn’t have to go through the unfamous stage.—

Is well known hyphenated AP style?

APStylebook on Twitter: “Hyphenate well- combinations before a noun, but not after: a well-known judge, but the judge is well known.”

Does well documented have a hyphen?

The question being: since “well” is an adverb, not an adjective, we do not hyphenate “well documented”. The doctor performed a well documented procedure. The adverb “well” cannot modify the noun “procedure” so there can be no confusion.

What is very well known?

adjective. A well-known person or thing is known about by a lot of people and is therefore famous or familiar. If someone is well-known for a particular activity, a lot of people know about them because of their involvement with that activity. He surrounds himself with attractive, intelligent, or well-known people.

What’s a word for not well known?

What is another word for not well-known?off the beaten pathunusualoddballflakeyUSaberrantzanydissentingbeatnikunsuitableinappropriate31 more rows

What is the antonym of well known?

What is the opposite of well-known?anonymousnamelessunfamousunknownunsunginconspicuousinferiorinsignificantordinaryunfamiliar44 more rows

What does throughout mean?

1 : in or to every part : everywhere of one color throughout. 2 : during the whole time or action : from beginning to end remained loyal throughout.

What is another word for well known?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for well-known, like: famous, , eminent, reputable, notorious, illustrious, renowned, popular, celebrated, noted and famed.

Is longstanding one word or hyphenated?

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (5th ed) gives you long-standing or longstanding, with the hyphenated version preferred. The New York Times uses longstanding.

Is well educated hyphenated?

1. well-educated and well-dressed are hyphenated adjectives from the adverb well, referring to a participle adjective like educated or dressed. It should be taken as a unit. Therefore if you say “better educated” you break the unit.

What’s a word for inspiring?

In this page you can discover 69 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for inspiring, like: inspirational, heartening, stimulating, rousing, exhilarating, motivating, animating, stirring, encouraging, moving and quickening.

What’s another word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.