Question: How Do I Choose A Stream?

Which stream is best for lawyer?

If you want to become an advocate, you can choose either arts or commerce as your stream.

However, arts would be a better stream, as it is relatively easier than commerce because of absence of maths.

Also arts is very scoring..

Which course is best in 11 class?

The board offers many choices, but the most commonly-opted for optional subjects with science are: Medical – Psychology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Economics, Home Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education.

Which stream is best for average student?

Originally Answered: What is the best career choice for an average student? Except Engineering, Medicine, CA, CS, CMA, Maths, Physics…an average person can thing of other options. Arts and humanities subjects may be suitable for an average student.

Which stream is the best?

Let us individually look into the streams students can choose:Science: This is the most chosen stream for 10+2 education and offers many lucrative career options including medicine and engineering. … Arts: … Commerce:

What is the best option after 10th?

Biology students go for Medical while Computer Science and Electronics students go for Engineering. If you do not prefer these courses then you can opt for a Degree in Science with a specialization in your preferred area. Many options are available at hand.

Can I do Veterinary after 10th?

No, you can not do Veterinary course after 10th. You must have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as your main subjects and passed with minimum 50% of marks. You must have minimum 17 years of age in order to apply for the entrance exam.

How do I know which stream is best for me?

5 Steps To Help You Choose The Right Stream After Class 10thUnderstand your Orientation Style. Try to understand how you do things, interact with people and what is your take on the world. … Find an Interest. I know what you are thinking, it’s very obvious. … Uncover your Personality. … Take up subjects you can learn. … Get in touch with your Emotional Intelligence.

Which group is easy in 11th?

The best group in class 11 is bio maths group but it is the toughest of all. Then comes csc group and then commerce group. Commerce group is the easiest of all the group and it is also a good group and it has many opportunities nowadays.

Which course is best?

UG Courses for Arts StudentsBBA- Bachelor of Business Administration.BMS- Bachelor of Management Science.BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts.BEM- Bachelor of Event Management.Integrated Law Course- BA + LL.B.BJMC- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication.BFD- Bachelor of Fashion Designing.BSW- Bachelor of Social Work.More items…•

What subjects do lawyers need?

Most of the law entrance exams conducted for admission in UG level law courses evaluate candidates on the basis of their aptitude/ knowledge on subjects such as General Knowledge, English, Mathematics (Numerical Ability), Logical Reasoning and Legal Aptitude.

What is the full form of LLB?

The definition of LLB is someone with a Bachelor of Laws degree, usually outside of the United States. (Literally Legum Baccalaureus). An example of LLB is the title after the name of a solicitor from England. abbreviation.

Is 11th Science hard?

It is not about difficulty level. everything is easy if u have interest in it. Class 11 is the base of higher studies whatever you Learn in this is very important . everything is new for student .

Which is the easiest stream after 10th?

If your interested in subjects like history and geography, go for arts. But if you like maths, you can opt for commerce. Or, if you like physics, chemistry, or biology; you can opt for science. The motive is to follow what you love.

Is Commerce easy or science?

When it comes to the course structure, Commerce is easier than Science. The science subjects require you to study continuously and extensively. Commerce requires you to be clear with the basics, and you are good to go.

Is 12th easier than 11th?

No, both are same level. If you are in class 11th with conceptually, then you do have to face problem in class 12th. You will find class 12th syllabus easier as compare to class 11th. And, entrances exams also contains about 60% weightage from class 11th.

Is 11th grade harder than 12th?

This makes students to feel class 11 is more difficult than CBSE class 12. As students are already adjusted to class 11, they may find class 12 easy. There is no difference between class 11 and class 12. So, the answer is no.

Which subject is best for CLAT?

Answer: For CLAT preparation, you will need to study subjects like general knowledge and current affairs, English language, Legal aptitude, Logical reasoning and Elementary maths.

Which stream has more job opportunities?

all the degree as of now has very good scope. so first find whether you like science or commerce. if you are interested in science do choose science stream along with maths and upon completion of 12th class do professional courses like MBBS,BE etc it has good scope and you can get good jobs.