How Many Seats Are In The Majestic Theater San Antonio?

Where is the best place to sit at the Majestic Theater in New York?

The seats with the best views in the Majestic Theater are in the Center Orchestra, specifically Rows B-J..

Is the Majestic Theater open?

Entrance: 44th Street, between 7th and 8th Ave The Majestic Theatre is located on the north side of 44th Street, west of Broadway near 8th Avenue. Box Office Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm.

Is it better to sit in the orchestra or mezzanine?

Mezzanine seating can offer a more panoramic view and, if you’re in the first row or two, you’ll often be closer to the stage than you would have been in the orchestra. “I think that the front, center mezzanine is the best spot” says Elf Niece – “there you can see the whole stage without missing detail in the show.”

Who is the current Phantom on Broadway?

Ben CrawfordContinuing in their roles are Ben Crawford as the Phantom, Craig Bennett as Monsieur Firmin, Raquel Suarez Groen as Carlotta, Maree Johnson as Madame Giry, Carlton Moe as Piangi, and Kelsey Connolly as Meg Giry. At certain performances, Eryn LeCroy plays the role of Christine.

Is Phantom of the Opera still playing in New York?

UPDATE: This production is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tickets are on sale now to see The Phantom of the Opera – the longest-running show in Broadway history – at the Majestic Theatre in New York City! …

Who currently owns the Majestic Theater?

The theatre seats 2,264 people and was designed by architect John Eberson, for Karl Hoblitzelle’s Interstate Theatres in 1929….Majestic Theatre (San Antonio)Address224 E. Houston Street San Antonio, Texas United StatesOwnerCity of San AntonioOperatorAmbassador Theatre GroupCapacity2,264Construction26 more rows

How old is the Majestic Theater in San Antonio?

91c. 1929Majestic Theatre/Age

How much did it cost to refurbish the Majestic Theater?

The nonprofit organization Las Casas (the Foundation for Cultural Arts in San Antonio) was formed, and its first priority was to restore the Majestic Theatre as close as possible to its original 1929 design. Las Casas raised $4.5 million for the restoration which was completed in 1989.

How old is the Majestic Theater in NYC?

93c. 1927Majestic Theatre/Age

What was unique about the Majestic Theater in Texas when it was constructed?

The Majestic Theatre was the largest theater in Texas when it was built. Architect John Eberson wanted all who visited to feel like they’re in a Mediterranean villa. “There’s the blue sky over the audience, twinkling stars and we have a cloud machine so you’ll see clouds moving through when you come to a performance.

Is Phantom of the Opera on Broadway good?

Beautiful and romantic, I have to tip my hat: The Phantom of the Opera has aged divinely.” “Phantom still delivers the goods! Judging by sheer invention, emotional punch and onstage talent, the venerable blockbuster still beats out almost all of the shippersnappers currently on Broadway.

What are the best seats to see Phantom of the Opera?

The best seats are in rows B-F of this section. The Royal Circle has some good views as well, with seats 13-24 in rows A-C giving you the best views from this section. The middle seats (12-23) in rows A-C in the Grand Circle also give you decent views of the stage.