How Do I Come To An Agreement?

What’s the word when you come to an agreement?

to compromise; come to an agreement.

compromise verb (compromises, compromised, compromising).

What are the different types of agreement?

Types of AgreementsGrant. Financial assistance for a specific purpose or specific project without expectation of any tangible deliverables other than a final report. … Cooperative Agreement. … Contract. … Memorandum of Understanding. … Non-Disclosure Agreement. … Teaming Agreement. … Material Transfer Agreement. … IDIQ/Master Agreement.More items…

How do you negotiate a service contract?

Top Ten Tips in Negotiating Service AgreementsDefine the scope, specifications and service levels. … Have a clear and workable acceptance mechanism. … Be clear about payment. … Keep an eye on the clock. … Clarify who can terminate, for what, and what happens on termination. … Limit representations and warranties. … Consider liability issues carefully. … Protect the business.More items…•

How do I reach an agreement?

Contract Negotiation: 11 StrategiesBreak the negotiation into parts. … The “I’m only asking for what’s fair” approach. … The Getting to Yes approach. … Take control. … Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. … The “offer-concession” strategy. … Question rather than demand. … Find points of agreement and end on a positive note.More items…

What does it mean to be in agreement?

1 : agreeing : concurring Everyone seems to be in agreement about/on the need for reform, but there is much disagreement about how to achieve it. 2 : as an indication that one agrees She nodded her head in agreement.

What is the purpose of agreement?

The purpose of this Agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between the Employer, the employees and the Union, to set forth certain terms and conditions of employment relating to pay, hours of work, employee benefits, and general working conditions affecting employees covered by this …

What is mean by contracted?

contract verb (AGREEMENT) to make a legal agreement with someone to do work or to have work done for you: [ + to infinitive ] Our company was contracted to build shelters for the homeless.

How long does it take to negotiate a contract?

These issues influence the length of bargaining, with some negotiations finishing in a few weeks, while others taking months. The basic timeline for labor negotiations is provided by statute, which establishes 150 days to exchange proposals. If both parties agree, this period may be shortened or extended.

How do you use agreement in a sentence?

(6) An agreement was finally reached between management and employees. (7) They reached an agreement about the plan. (8) The jury have come to an agreement. (9) Her head nodded in agreement.

What is the opposite of agreement?

Opposite of a written or spoken agreement, usually legal or official. disagreement. misunderstanding. disaccord. dissention.

What is an agreement with an example?

The definition of agreement means the act of coming to a mutual decision, position or arrangement. An example of an agreement is the decision between two people to share the rent in an apartment.

What is the synonym and antonym of contract?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms contract(v) Synonyms: abridge, abbreviate, narrow, lessen, reduce, compress, decrease, retrench, curtail, form, agree. Antonyms: expand, amplify, dilate, elongate, reverse, cancel, abandon.

How can we negotiate successful agreements?

10 tips for successful contract negotiationsIf it doesn’t seem right, don’t do it. … Keep it simple and conventional. … Agree the main elements of the contract before drafting a written contract – work, price, etc. … Involve your lawyers. … Manage your lawyers. … Manage your colleagues. … Think a few steps ahead. … Give yourself time and space to negotiate the final contract.More items…•

What is another word for contract?

other words for contractarrangement.bargain.commitment.guarantee.obligation.pact.pledge.record.