How Did Number 8 Die?

Who is the strongest in I Am Number Four?

Pittacus Lore – the leader Pittacus is said to be the most powerful of the Elders and is the only one who could fight Setrákus Ra, the Mogadorian leader.

Number Four is the new Pittacus Lore, as he holds all the same powers as Pittacus..

Why did 11 lose her powers?

According to the events of Stranger Things season three, episode eight, The Battle of Starcourt Mall, Eleven lost her powers after she pulled part of the Mind Flayer out of her body. However, three months later, the show revealed she still did not have her powers.

Who all died in Stranger things?

Here’s a list of everyone who died on Stranger Things 3. Bruce Lowe. Netflix. … Tom Holloway. Netflix. … Heather Holloway. Netflix. … Doris Driscoll. Netflix. … Alexei. Netflix. … Grigori. Netflix. … Billy Hargrove. Netflix. … The Mind Flayer. Netflix.More items…•

How does Sarah Hart die?

suicideShe never touched the brakes. The jurors ruled that both Jennifer and Sarah Hart died by suicide. They also decided each of the six children died from their mothers’ intentional act. As the jury of eight women and six men filed back into the hearing room for the final time, one female juror wiped tears from her eyes.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown dating?

Jacob SartoriusIncluding his super cringe music videos… In typical V-day cuteness fashion (or cringeness depending on how well you slept last night) Millie Bobby Brown confirmed her relationship with Jacob Sartorius in a PDA Instagram post yesterday.

Does eight come back to life?

Number Eight, or Naveen, was a main character in The Lorien Legacies series. However, when Marina, Six, and Adam take Eight’s body with them to the Sanctuary, the spirit of Lorien speaks through him and revives him for a short time. …

Who dies in the I Am Number Four Series?

General Andrakkus SutekhThe death of Number Three features in the opening chapter of I Am Number Four. The Mogadorian that killed him is revealed to be General Andrakkus Sutekh. He is one of only three Garde to appear in the Film Adaptation.

Are the 11 and 8 sisters?

Her powers are not the only thing Kali has in common with Eleven: She also has a branded number on her wrist (Eight). The two are “sisters,” which we learn in episode 7 of Things 2. “When we started season 2, we wanted to explore whether Eleven had siblings,” explains Matt Duffer.

Who kills Setrakus RA?

When the rest of the Garde arrive, he says that Setrákus Ra is dead. Number Eight teleports to hug the fake Six, and Setrákus Ra stabs him. Setrákus Ra then proceeds to fight the Garde, preventing them from using their Legacies.

Does Hopper die?

The third season finale of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” left the ensemble of characters believing the beloved chief of police Jim Hopper had died during the effort to re-close the Gate to the Upside Down. … Now, Netflix has officially confirmed Hopper is alive and well, but being held prisoner in Russia.

Who is eleven’s mother?

Eleven (Stranger Things)ElevenGenderFemaleOccupationFormer lab test subjectFamilyJim Hopper (adoptive father) Joyce Byers (legal guardian) Terry Ives (mother) Becky Ives (biological aunt) Andrew Rich (biological father)Significant otherMike Wheeler10 more rows

How does five die?

Personality. Number Five has an intelligent, but devious personality, seeing that he conceals the fact that he is a traitor when he meets the other Garde. According to Five, his Cêpan dies from an illness six months after they come to Earth, which leaves him alone at the age of thirteen.

Does 8 Die In Stranger things?

In Stranger Things 2, Eight convinced Eleven to come join her and her band of merry misfits, all dead set on finding the men and women who helped keep them at Hawkins Lab and destroying them all. … At the end of Season 2 of Stranger Things, Eight is definitely alive, but she’s not in the picture.

What happened to number 8 in Stranger things?

In Stranger Things’ second season, we were introduced to Kali (or ‘Eight’), portrayed by Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen. Eight, like Eleven, was also abducted as a child and experimented on in Hawkins Lab. She possesses supernatural powers that allow her to make people see what she wants them to see. Pretty badass.

Why did the mogadorians attack Lorien?

As the Mogadorians continued to mistreat their planet and fail to do anything constructive about it before it was too late, they mounted an attack on the nearest planet, Lorien, in order to steal their resources to replace their own supplies, which were very low or had run out.